by Darlene Carswell
Florida State Licensed Acupuncture Physician

I personally suffered from migraine headaches for twenty years. For those of you who have suffered the same, I don't have to tell you how it feels to lay for days in a dark room, hurting so badly that, even to cry with the pain was impossible, because any movement of my face only intensified the pain.

I had been to several doctors, and had been through all of the lab tests, x-rays, MRI's, and cat scans which ruled out any structural problem, such as a brain tumor. There was no rhyme or reason to my migraines. They were not food-induced; they did not occur in any particular pattern; they just came... and for days, weeks, months and years on end, I tried everything... from advil to morphine, chiropractors to neurologists... Nothing or no one gave me lasting relief. Many of the medications I took actually made me worse. Some, I was allergic to, which created a whole new set of problems... and they all had side effects.

When I was 34, I moved to Fort Myers, Florida. And my migraines moved with me. One day I was miserable, and for lack of a better answer, I looked in the yellow pages and found an Acupuncturist. I called to gather information, and was blessed to get an appointment the very same day for a free consultation.

We talked for a few minutes, and he truly seemed like he knew exactly what my problem was, and exactly what he was going to do to fix it... without medication, without medical tests. I would simply come in three times a week for about three weeks, and I would reach a higher state of wellness each time.

I thought the treatments were expensive... and so many in such a short period of time! Then I thought, "Having tried everything else under the sun, what do I have to lose except for money... and maybe... just maybe, the pain."

So I agreed to try a treatment that day. I've got to say... "It was like magic!!!" When I left the office, I felt wonderful! When my headache came back the next day, I was very dissappointed. But as the day went on, I realized there was something different about the pain. It was not as severe. I was not as nauseous. And after six treatments, I was practically a new person. In general, I felt more at ease, slept more peacefully, and my energy level had increased. And as my patients now boast, other aches and pains that I assumed I would just have to live with disappeared so subtly that I was mesmerized by the results.

The recovery of two decades of migraine headaches was so amazing to me that I knew I had to learn more about this mysterious ancient technique, which I'll discuss on the "What is Acupuncture?" page.

So if you've tried everything and nothing has helped, try acupuncture, and hopefully you will soon be pain free, and as amazed as I was.


Contact Information:

Darlene Carswell, AP, D.O.M.
6238 Presidential Court, Suite 6
Fort Myers, Florida 33919
Phone: 239-332-HEAL(4325)


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